Monday, October 27, 2008

suffering on the trainer?

So with a busted collar bone, i will be off the bike for a while. I am setting up my Serotta with a spare rear wheel and a hefty rear clincher and a big ol' steel skewer to hook up to my trainer in the family room downstairs. What an awful thought...months on the trainer. Earlier this week i was leaving work and i saw a CBRC kit whiz past on a local training road. I drove up alongside Schill, who was obviously doing some seriously hard intervals or something. He was all kitted out in tights, long sleeves cause it was freezing cold and spitting some precipitation. Even so, the sweat was dripping off his nose. I shouted some words of encouragement (actually i heckled him severely) and sped away. Here it was nearly dark, the weather was cold and wet, and i was wishing i could have been out there suffering and doing what Schill was doing. i can't help it, but i am still whining about my misfortune.

Beside this blog, the only person that hears about my whining is my wife. This past weekend we took a trip to Bennington Vt to see all the guys and gals racing at the Wicked Creepy. It was a great course, a fine event, and a beautiful day. On the way over, i described my encounter with Schill out on his training ride and how i really missed the suffering in true Cyclocross fashion. Connie thought for a minute and suggested i set up my trainer outdoors in the back yard. I could ride in the dark after work, she said. It will be cold and dark. She continued... "heck i'll even turn on the garden hose and spray water in your face, and if you want, i could throw some mud at you too and clang the cow-bell too." She was serious. I love my wife.


adb said...

mom sure is going to need some help. i don't think she can handle all three PLUS wrangling the puppies.

i call throwing the mud ;)

Sparticus said...

if you have an extra trainer, i can set it up in front of you and wear a richard sachs jersey - you know, for motivation.