Sunday, August 3, 2008

The 2008 'cross season

The page on my VeloNews calendar has flipped to August and that means its the beginning of cyclocross season... and all thoughts turn to 'cross. Well, it turns out that the cyclocross fever cools a bit from February to July, but the season is never totally purged from the consciousness. My preparation for putting on the 2008 Schenectady Cyclocross Race is well underway. All the permitting with the City municipality and park is done, and i have my USAC race application approved. I need to get going on the promotion stuff... get the web sites updated... the flyer is done... posting on Bikereg will be done very soon.

Some of my far flung cyclocross buddies have been blogging and writing about the upcoming season as well.  My good friend Tim has been gunning for me on the CX course for two years now and he is really serious about kicking my butt this year... he has kicked his training into high gear and recently won a gold medal at the NYS Empire State Games. I know that Tim will be a tough competitor.  Another racer that i have come to know fairly well over the last few years of Masters racing in New England... Richard Sachs, aka Richie, has also started up his newsletter all about 'cross. In it Richie talks of getting ready for 'cross, he's doing mondo miles and a hundred sit-ups a day and talks of shedding 8 more pounds!  I think the man is a 120 lbs dripping wet.  Anyway, if you think the 55+ race category is anything but seriously fast, furious, and uber competitive, then you are mistaken.

I need to get going on my Cyclocross News e-zine.... soon!

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