Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Bike!

I just picked up my new bike... i'll have to post some pictures.  I made the leap to tubulars this year after convincing my self that tubulars roll better, grip better, and they look cool. 

I really convinced myself after racing in the rutted frozen icy conditions at the 2007 CX Nationals in Kansas City.  I did OK in that race but i felt i could have done so much better.  It seemed that i had way too much air pressure, had the wrong choice of tires, and i was bouncing around more than going forward.  I felt great physically, i had a good warm-up, and my race preparation was spot-on. My wife Connie was there as my race support, helping with all the details that can become nerve-racking before a big race and she was fabulous.  I was phsyched.  The conditions, i thought would be favorable to me and detremental to others. It was 20 degrees out that day with 20 mph winds, and snowing but i did not mind that at all.  I had practiced, raced, and trained in similar conditions and i used to ride a mountaing bike all winter long so these conditions were not an issue. I had a good start and i really felt i would have a great race. I just could not control the bouncing and weaving of the bike which wanted to go in two different directions at once.  Relax and lean back and pedal, i thought, but that was just too slow, and i could not gain poistions. Next year, i thought.

It was several weeks later that i convinced myself that tubulars just might help. Besides, its always great motivation to get new stuff.  My old Redline was purchased in its old!  Besides, one of my race buddies remarked at the end of the NECCS last year that i absolutely need a spare pit bike.  He reasoned that i train all year, i plunk down a bunch of entry fee cash, i travel, sometimes spring for lodging, and if i have a mechanical in an important race, i should have a pit bike. I agreed.  I would get a new rig and retire the old Redline as my spare...So.... long story a bit shorter... I got a new Redline with very nice Mavic wheels and tubies.

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