Sunday, September 21, 2008

First race of the CX season

I did my first CX race of the season at the Kirkland CX race in Clinton, NY.  The fields were rather small but the course was a lot of fun and i felt pretty good. It was very cool to see a bunch of friends from the CX scene...too many to mention here.  It was a great day.  The bike worked flawlessly.  I had rolled my rear tire earlier in the week, and Jeff at the shop re-glued it and all was good.  Plus i had no problem with the seatpost slipping either.  Tires and tire pressure was spot - on ... about 38 lbs of pressure.  My fitness and skills are improving but i have a ways to go yet.  My buddy Don slipped early in the AM on a warm-up lap and his front chain ring made a nasty gash in his ankle and that unfortunately ended his day.  He was rewarded with 18 stitches.  Our local tribe had a good turn-out, more results to follow...

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