Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The new Redline

Here's a picture of the new Redline taken at the Cycle Smart Cyclocross Camp in Northfield, Mass...


neosisyphus said...

Dave, meant to tell you... Those Ritchey seatposts are prone to slipping like yours did. Even with 2 bolts, the lack of notches in the wedge means one hard hit and the whole thing will slide down or up. Ideally, you want something either with notches in the wedge, or a front/rear bolt set up like a Thompson.

Seeing your pic here reminded me that I never got to mention it to you at camp.


davebeals said...

Adam, thanks for the tip.   I was contemplating filing some hash marks into the smooth section where the top aluminum mount sits.  I have it cranked down tight pretty good now and have not had it slip since.  I have a Thomson seat post on my back-up Redline and i love it... it is by far the best post i have ever used.  PS. the camp was awesome... my legs were sore on Monday so i know we did a lot more than just listen, or watch, it was a lot of practice, drills, and the practice sprint starts were excellent.